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Pricing for Medical Record Translation Services


The basic pricing for medical record translation is as follows:
Chinese-to-English translation costs 470 Yuan per thousand Chinese characters. Please note that our counting method (based on the number of characters, as shown in the table) may differ from some other companies that use character count without spaces. While their prices may seem lower at first glance, the total cost could end up being significantly higher. For example, if we calculate by character count without spaces (as some companies do), the equivalent price per thousand Chinese characters is 289 Yuan.
The number of characters per page varies, with an average of about 400-800 characters per page. This means that each page of medical records is roughly 200-300 yuan. If you need an exact price, please take a photo or scan of your medical records or examination reports and send them to us. We will provide you with an estimated total price for your reference before you decide whether to proceed with the translation.
In general, it takes 2-3 days to translate 5-6 pages of medical records, but the exact time frame will depend on the length and complexity of your records.

Translation of medical records from English to Chinese costs 220 Yuan per thousand Chinese Characters. Typically, one page of English medical records contains 800-1600 Chinese characters, so the cost per page is also around 200-300 Yuan. It takes 2-3 days to translate 5-6 pages of medical records. To get an accurate quote and turnaround time, please send us your records for evaluation.
You don't need to worry about being charged for more words than what's actually translated. Before we start the actual translation, we will type out photocopies of medical records and provide you with a Chinese version in Word format. The final cost will be based on the actual word count, and we'll make sure to refund any overpayment or request additional payment if necessary. Please see the circled line in the image for details on how we count words.
Sometimes patients provide us with handwritten medical records. Although it's rare nowadays, we still encounter handwritten records, especially from outpatient visits. In such cases, we recommend that you ask your doctor to provide you with a printed version of the records. Based on our experience, we can usually decipher most of the handwriting, but there are often a few critical words that we can't read, which would require your doctor's help to interpret. Therefore, if you provide us with handwritten records, we suggest that you ask your doctor to enter the information into a computer and print it out before sending it to us. This will also eliminate the risk of mistakes caused by misreading the handwriting.
As for the payment for medical record translation, we use Taobao as a payment platform. After you place your order and make the payment on Taobao, we will start the translation process. Once the translation is complete, we will submit it to you for review and confirmation. Once you confirm that the translation is accurate and satisfactory, you can release the payment to us.

If you have any questions or need to inquire about pricing for the translation of medical records, imaging reports, and pathological reports, please reach out to our customer service team at +86-21-51036356 or via email at

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