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Why should medical records be translated by professional medical translation companies? Because only trained medical professionals can understand medical records, imaging reports, immunohistochemistry reports, and so on. Many patients with difficult and complex conditions, especially cancer patients, seek the most advanced medical services, and coming to the United States for treatment is an attractive option. However, some patients cannot travel to the US due to their conditions or other reasons. In such cases, they can obtain a second opinion on diagnosis and treatment from US experts through remote consultation.

Prior to receiving treatment in the United States or undergoing remote consultation, US hospitals require English translations of medical records, various test results, discharge summaries, pathology reports, CT, PET, MRI reports, and other professional medical documents. These must be translated into English by trained medical personnel. If you opt for a general translation company, it may prove challenging for them to source suitable medical translators, potentially leading to errors in the translated medical materials, which may be difficult for US medical institutions to comprehend. Patients often have to contact other translation agencies to re-translate, which not only incurs extra translation costs but, more importantly, delays their access to medical treatment in the United States.

For example, the Chinese sentence


would be incomprehensible to non-medical professionals even if they have a high level of English proficiency. If they cannot understand the meaning of this sentence, how can they accurately translate it? Any errors or inaccuracies in the translated medical records can have disastrous consequences. That is why you should choose a translation agency with rich experience in medical report translation. Our principle is that only medical professionals with ample medical experience are qualified to translate medical records and reports. The medical translation must be based on a comprehensive understanding of the original text. 

Shanghai Medical Translation Services is a professional medical translation company that specializes in medical record translation. Our team of expert translators with a background in medicine will provide you with accurate and error-free translation services. All of our translators have solid medical knowledge and experience working in clinical settings and laboratories. Over the past decade, we have helped countless patients translate their medical records, discharge summaries, lab reports, CT scans, MRI scans, PET scans, and genetic testing reports. We are committed to supporting patients seeking medical treatment in the United States or consulting with American medical experts remotely.
To use our services, simply take a photo of your medical documents and send them to us. We will work around the clock to provide you with a precise translation that matches the layout and formatting of the original documents as closely as possible. For urgent clients, we offer expedited services.

Patients' families are concerned about which hospital in the US to contact and how to do so, as well as how to apply for a passport and visa for the patient. These concerns are even more pressing than translating medical records. In fact, the criteria for choosing a hospital are similar to those used when in China:

When preparing materials for American hospitals, they typically require admission and discharge summaries, imaging data (such as CT scans, X-rays, MRIs, PET scans, etc.), pathological diagnosis results, and more. However, specific requirements may vary depending on the hospital in question.
For over ten years, we have provided translation services for countless pathology reports, medical records, and imaging data for patients throughout the country. Additionally, we have generously offered a significant amount of reference materials to hospitals treating these patients at no cost. Patients who have entrusted us to translate their medical records have consistently received glowing feedback from prestigious institutions such as the Anderson Cancer Center, the Mayo Clinic, the Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and others. As a result, we have garnered strong recommendations from domestic and international doctors, as well as from our translation clients.

3. Cancer patients often want to receive the most cutting-edge treatments available, but these treatments are often still in the research phase and have not yet been approved for clinical use. As a result, many cancer patients opt to participate in clinical trials in order to access these advanced treatments. For further information, please visit the website of the National Cancer Institute.
Many hospitals offer online registration for international patients on their websites. I recommend that you register the patient's information online. Afterward, the hospital will contact you by email or phone to provide you with the necessary documentation to facilitate the patient's visa application. This will make it easier for both the patient and any accompanying family members to obtain passports and visas for travel to the United States. Additionally, the hospital will provide you with a detailed list of medical records, pathology data, and imaging examination data that will need to be translated.

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